“Beyond Darwin and Mother Nature” – Transhumanism Featured in El País

“In the next century, our species will achieve a spectacular evolutionary jump. (…) Who knows, we might be the last specimen of our obsolete, melancholic and illness-ridden species, and from now on we’ll emancipate from its sorrows, from Darwin and Mother Nature.” – Jordi Soler, El País

Featuring the manifesto The Hedonistic Imperative, by David Pearce – co-founder of Humanity+, formerly the World Transhumanist Association.

Transhumanism tends to get more media attention related to the exponential growth in intelligence and longevity – but an exponential the growth in well-being is a crucial component of this intellectual movement since its origins.

Link to original article  “El imperio del placer / The empire of pleasure”  – El País – the second most read newspaper in Spanish.

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